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Manufacturing Facility


The company owns 21000sq. ft. Of land in Tarihal industrial area situated on the outskirts of Hubli city. The green technology factory has about 15000 sq. ft well constructed area with technological advanced structures.

The major advantage of the factory being in an industrial area is that proper power supply, water and means of communication and transportation are easily available to us at the Factory.

The major equipments at the Factory are Lathe Machines, Sheet Rolling Machines, Hacksaw Machines, Hydraulic Press Brake 150 Tones, Sheet Folding Machines, Angle Cutting Tools, Shearing Machines, Pillar Drills, Welding Machines, Grinding Machines, Sanding Machines, Power Press, Hand Press, Measuring and Inspection Tools, Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge, Plate Bending Machines, Channel and Angle Cutting Hydraulic Machines, Painting Booth and other suitable configurations.

R & D

iEnviroTech manufactures different kinds of equipments in the different categories as follows :

  • Solid Waste Equipments
  • Liquid Waste Equipments
  • Fire Equipments
  • Special Purpose Equipments
  • Loaders
  • Multi Trailers
  • Recovery Vehicles
  • People Lifting Equipment
  • Scissor Lifts
  • Aerial Lift
  • Container Lifting Machines
  • Container Carrie
  • Skip Loader
  • Cesspit Emptier
  • Litter Collector
  • Street Sweeper
  • Container Carrier
  • Jetting cum suction Machine