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Liquid Waste Handling

Open Ditch Cleaner/Nala Cruiser

Nala cleaning machine designed and developed to clean open drainage line, nala & gutter. Attached to tractor trailer operates hydraulically to clean the nala and dump in the trailer, which can be attached to tractor engine easily.

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Suction Machine

Suction van is useful equipment for the use of cesspit and drain clearing ranging from tank capacity of lcv mounted 2000 , 3000 and 5000 litre capacity and tractor trolley mounted of 3000 litre capacity as also available. This equipment is ideal for emptying of septic tanks surcharged manholes, gulley pits for both liquid, solids and slurry materials.

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Jetting Machine

Trailer Mounted Muljet is a High Pressure Sewer Jetting Machine suitable for effective and efficient cleaning of choked underground drainage and sewer Lines.

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